Snow Plowing, Virginia Style,

Snow Plowing, Virginia Style,

Every state has unique weather, snow in Virginia, to say the least, is unique. The 2016-2017 snow season, so far, has had one snow storm that needed any attention,, I moved the snow with the landscape rake.

I do kinda enjoy moving Virginia snow, it is  usually too heavy to move with a snow blower, so, I do not own one of those devises,,, but, moving snow with a tractor is fun! the 2015-2016 snow season offered several snow storms that needed to be plowed, I used my 60HP International Harvester tractor during those storms. The snow was quickly moved, as well as the snow of several neighbors.

That was a big storm for Virginia, usually only occuring once every decade. Both the front bucket, and the tractor rear blade are used.


We were only snowed in once, that was 25 years ago, and prompted me to look for this 4WD IH tractor. The tractor has never failed to move ANY Virginia snow.

Some day, we may get “The BIG One”, which will be too much for my tractor to move,,, luckily, in Virginia, you only have to wait 3-5 days, and the snow melts,,, anyways!! LOL!!

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