Hobart N-50 Mixer Custom Paint

Hobart N-50 Mixer Custom Paint

We purchased a Hobart N-50 mixer over 20 years ago for home use, the machine has been great,  but, it always needed a new paint job. The mixer was purchased used, US Army surplus.

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2012-09-19 12.59.34 (595x800)

Well, this year for my wife’s birthday, I took the Hobart to a local hot rod paint shop. I told them to paint it orange with flames, it came back a week later;

Hobart2 Hobart3 Hobart

We are very happy with it now!! The flames were hand taped, the green and purple paint were excellent choices by the paint shop.

My wife is very happy with the “new” addition to the kitchen.

Within a week, tomatoes were ready in the garden, so we used the Hobart to make sauce.

sauce1 sauce2 sauce3 sauce4 sauce5 sauce6

After we made the sauce, the next logical step was to make pizza

Here is a video of the N-50 kneading dough;


The pizza and bread from the whole wheat dough was perfect!!



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