Your Mileage May Vary!! Car Economy Explained!

We as a country were trained to look at fuel mileage wrong, therefore it is hard to understand the cost to run a car.

We were trained to compare miles per gallon.

That is because in 1950 nobody cared how much a gallon of gas cost, they just cared how frequently they had to stop for gas!! 

In 2012, to make this understandable, you must compare dollars per mile.

My 2500 Silverado gets 15 miles per gallon or $0.20 per mile at $3 per gallon.

My Honda Honda Accord gets 30 miles per gallon or $0.10 per mile.

If I drive the Accord instead of the Silverado, I save $0.10 per mile, a significant amount!! 

If I buy a hybrid that gets 45 miles per gallon it costs $.066 per mile.

Only 3.4 cents per mile better than my Accord, to me not worth it at 15,000 per year. ($510 savings per year with how much additional risk and initial cost, not even including the poor performance and small size)

At 100 miles per gallon or $0.03 per mile, the yet unavailable car would be 7 cents per mile better than my Honda. It would save $1050 per year, and at $40,000 original cost, the “Super” car would cost $372 per month more in payments over 5 years compared to my Accord.

The “Super” car would cost $3414 EXTRA per year for 5 years. After the “Super” car is paid off you will have to drive it an additional 16 years, 3 months TO BREAK EVEN!! 

Sorry hybrid, you loose!  I will drive my Accord daily, and use the Silverado when the going gets tough!! 

I’m glad I stayed awake in math class the day they went over that!! 

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  1. JR says:

    This is exactly why i did not buy one when i used to commute 80 miles per day. the cost of that car buys ALOT of gas!

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