Squeezin’ –  ‘maters!!

Squeezin’ – ‘maters!!

I had to show my wife’s rig for squeezin’ tomatoes.

We had tried several methods. My arm was always tired!!

My wife had a Kitchen-Aid mixer. Well I put the facts together and went lookin’.

I found Hobart sold an attachment that might do the job.

I drove to Roanoke and bought it!!

It has been a miracle for over 30 years.

It will do about 3+ quarts per batch.

After she wore out the Kitchen-Aid, I bought a surplus Hobart, ONLY after we were sure the colander would fit!!

The Hobart has a 3 speed transmission that would run my Cub Cadet!! 

If you add in the tomato juice, that colander has separated over 1000 quarts of finished tomato product.

Anybody want to make some bread!!

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