The Lift Bracket for the 1861

The Lift Bracket for the 1861

Shortly after acquiring the 1861 Cub Cadet I started to prep it for a new paint job. One of the things I noticed was the black plastic mower height indicator on the right side of the frame.

On previous Cub Cadets’ that I had owned this location had been occupied by a bracket that actuated attachments such as the snow blade. A bent “L” shaped rod would be inserted in the bracket on the tractor, when the lift was actuated, the bracket would rotate, lifting the attachment. I asked a local Cub Cadet dealer how to connect the attachments and he told me that there was an optional bracket available.

Well, I figured if they could make one, so could I!!

I started out by solid modeling the existing plastic height gauge that slipped over the shaft that protruded from the tractor frame. next I added enough material to allow 2 holes for the attachment lift arm. Rather than one hole, like the Cub Cadet, I decided to add 2 holes. They are different distances from the center where the shaft pivots. Being different distances, the further out hole offers more travel, the closer hole offers more power.

Off to the CNC torch. The torch accurately cut the part out of 3/4 inch steel bar. On the first test fit I realized the “L” shaped arm that fit through the holes needed clearance to allow the retaining clip to be¬†installed.


Back to the torch. The bracket was heated to bright cherry red, and was bent in two locations, making a “Z” shaped offset. the result of the bending was over 1/4″ clearance behind the bracket. Now a retaining clip can be installed in the lift arm.

Two holes were drilled that matched the existing holes in the rotating shaft to keep the bracket on the shaft.

Now I have a VERY heavy duty mower height gauge. Some day it will be a lift bracket when I add an attachment like a snow plow to the tractor.

I love the parts CNC can make. The hole in the part exactly matched the shaft that had 2 flats milled on it.  How else would you make this shape in less than an hour!!??




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