I have a tractor that is equipped with a CAT”0″ three point hitch. I use the hitch to pull a manually operated dump cart.

One day I realized the dump cart would “self dump” if raised slightly higher. My quest was on to develop a hitch I could use that would extend the 8 to 18 inch range of the existing hitch.

I had seen 4 bar linkages that were used for this type application. A couple days of thinking and the unit was modeled.

The parts were fabricated, the unit was welded. The unit was taken home and installed on my Cub Cadet 1872.

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The hydraulics were actuated to raise the hitch and

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the hitch went up!! instead of 8 to 18 inches the new hitch went from 8 to 28 inches!!

Next the trailer was hooked up, the hitch was raised, and over the trailer went!!

swinghitch up


Success! Now I can stay on the tractor to unload the cart.

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