How To Clean a Tractor

How To Clean a Tractor

I have had over 20 machines and the wife has never let me have a new one yet!!

Just kidding about the wife, I prefer the old ones, so, that is what I get.

My method is to:
1) PICK A LOW HUMIDITY DAY!! This is critical so the moisture will dry quickly.
2) Depending on the dirt/grease level apply an appropriate cleaner to the machine dry.

Cleaners range from car wash liquids for machines with paint that is nice up to “Purple Power” type cleaners that will etch the paint on equipment that I am going to paint anyway (did I say I buy OLD stuff??)

My “go to” cleaner for greasy stuff is Greased Lightning. I buy it by the gallon. It is reasonably kind to paint, super cleans tires, and in general does a good job.

3) Pressure wash the daylights out of it!! My philosophy is a clean machine will work longer and better than a dirty one, I replace very few parts.
4) Let it sun bake for 2-3 hours to dry (see 1) above).

Clean, Clean, Clean. I also change the oil at 10 hours (no filter) or 25 hours (filter) and have never had to rebuild an engine that did not come to me defective.

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